Portrait Paintings

Painting a portrait is both a challenge and a pleasure for me, and I strive for the outcome to be a lasting work of art. The samples below provide a sense of my subject matter, style, and range. 

My process varies. When I can, I like to start by meeting my client and talking about our plans for the work. How large will it be? Where will it hang? What kind of background would be best?


As my samples show, I love to paint children, animals, brides--and often in landscapes that help to convey their inner natures and moods. Formal attire can lend an air of timelessness, and I love to paint boys as princes, girls as princesses. Children can show the best in us, while dogs remain our best friends (as do horses, cats, and a host of  "lesser" creatures!). And portraits of brides convey a woman at her most ideal, imbued with beauty, hope, and promise.

Clients often have photos dear to them--and often I simply work from these--but I also love to paint from life. This tends to work better with grown-ups than children, for whom the process of posing, for hours on end, can prove unnatural. When it is convenient, I like to sketch children at their play: this helps me to get to know them better, though it is not essential. The same holds true for pets.

Heirloom portraits—those of departed loved ones and ancestors—of course depend on photos provided by the client. The more professional these are, the better; but I can also make do with snapshots. 


Whatever the case, with every portrait I paint, my aim is not an exact photographic sort of depiction—which often results in a work that is lifeless—but a vibrant painting that brings a loved one to life for ages to come.

All of my portraits are in oil on linen canvas; and they are priced according to the following sizes, unframed, with shipping and travel costs (if necessary) extra:

8" x 10" to  9" x 12"                      $150.00 

16" x 20" to 18"x 24"                   $250.00

24" x 36" to 30" x 40"                  $500.00

larger sizes by negotiation

Isaac (8” x 10”) 

At the Old Homeplace (24" x36")

Jane (8" x 10")

Isaac (8" x 10")

Rebecca (8" x 10")

Mary Abbay (14" 18")

Sukie (24" x 30")

Huckleberry (30" x 40")

Georgeanne (30" x 40")

The  Blessing (16" x 20")

All the Sun Long (30" x 40")

Scott (30" x 40")

Sally (16" x 20")

Yaeger (30" x 40")

Buddie & Susie (24" x 36")

O. D. (18" x 24")

Sassy with Pony (after Greuze) (30" x 40")

A Young Princess (30" x 40")

A Young Prince with Friend (30' x 40")

The Harpist (36" x 48")

Girl in a Sari (18" x 24")

Girl in a Bonnet (18" x 24")

Self-Portrait of the Artist with His Bride (36 x 48")

Mrs. Robert Peel Sayle (48" x 72")

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